Tutorial create an Orange

How to create  Photoshop Realistic type  Orange textur

Open new file width 500 and height 350 pix with 100 resolution.

create a new layer (shif+ctl+N)

Set yellow foreground color f1db21 and orange background  colors ffa524

Draw from gradient tool press "G" (redial gredient) start drag from center  to down or up

Select  filter > distort > glass  with following details.
texture   =frosted
scalling  =160

Select ellips marquee tool and press shift button untill you draw round shape

select inverse (or press ctl+shif+I)
press key "D"

then press delete button,

Now press ctl "D" you will get a round orange shape.
 creat e new layer select brush master diametre 125 pix
 select >edit>transfarm>warp and set ajdust it.

set layer capicity 45 to 50 %

make some detail work by dodge tool on new layer

you can create green leaf  or draw from custom shap
tool (press "U")