Tuesday, 20 August 2013

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Logo is the "SILENT VOICE"

we can say it is like a visual speaker to represent
 your products.

Many professional designersugest that,
draw logo in black & whit (grey)before
 insert colors

 why ?

This process made easier judging ,to know that your logo will work well in shad of gray.

logo reflect  your product and a symbol of trade
or business.
so, why not use it...

Always remember

Before Creating logo (infect any things) Remember
 following instructions

*...Your portfolio is your most important tool
       in marketing yourself as a graphic designer

*... It's worthless, if your logo is not unique.

*... Do not used stock images

*...Copy and inspiration are two different things.

*...Al way clear brief to client about your creation.

*...It observe that Blue & Red are most popular shads.

*...Carefully read/understand about your
      creation/project from your client.

*...Don’t discouraged ,everyone started
     from ground-zero to begin